The Rookh Quartet began life in 2018 when four of Scotland's horn players decided to get together regularly. The aim was to explore the quartet repertoire, to get out of their comfort zones and keep on pushing their own technical abilities, and to enjoy making music together - usually followed by a spot of socialising! Unlike most horn sections and quartets, where they are led by the Principal player, the Rookh Quartet takes a very democratic approach, with the players rotating around the seats and having to cover the full 4 octave range of the instrument a lot of the time.

The original plan did not involve doing any concerts. This changed when a group withdrew from a concert at the University of Glasgow a few days before the brochure went to press...

The first concert also gave the group their name, as they gave the first performance of Jane Stanley's Lalla Rookh, for natural horn, 2 horns, and narrator. The piece is based on a letter written by a former University of Glasgow staff member and amateur horn player, William Thomson...also known as Lord Kelvin. The letter was written as he was anchored in the harbour of Funchal, Madeira, on board the Lalla Rookh. His natural horn can be found in the Hunterian Museum, in the room directly above the University's Concert Hall.

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